Father’s Day For the Bourbon Dad (Part 2)

Recently, I published a blog post on Father’s Day For the Bourbon Dad. You can follow the link to read it again. “Again” because you’ve clearly already read it at least once. Because you are clearly an intelligent and savvy individual.

In that post I listed some Bourbons, some Bourbon books and some Bourbon experiences that would make ideal gifts for Father’s Day. (This is a community service as there are some really crappy Bourbon-related gifts out there that you will want to dodge. So…you’re welcome). One experience that I wanted to include in that post was the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. Unfortunately, the festival schedule had not been posted at the time I published the blog. Thanks to Kevin Ragland for letting me know that the schedule was posted by KBF yesterday. So, here is “Part 2” of the “Father’s Day For the Bourbon Dad” post.

The 2019 Kentucky Bourbon Festival is September 18 – 22. There are many events (both free and paid) to choose from. Here are a few quick highlights to consider for Father’s Day gifts.

Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame (September 19 @ 4:00 PM): This is the induction ceremony and reception for the 2019 Hall of Fame inductees. Cost is $40.

Kentucky Bourbon All Star Sampler (September 19 @ 7:00 PM): Spend an evening sampling Bourbon with all KDA Master Distillers as well as some craft distillers. Cost is $75.

Bourbon, Cigars and Jazz (September 20 @ 7:00 PM): You may not get this from the name of the event, but there will be Bourbon, cigars and Jazz. Cost is $100.

Bottled in Bond Fire (September 21 @ 7:00 PM): Sip on bottled-in-bond Bourbon by bonfires. Cost is $85.

Great Kentucky Bourbon Tasting & Cocktail Party (September 21 @ 7:00 PM): This is the signature event of the Festival. There will be food, live music and, of course, high end Bourbon pours. Cost is $175 or $225 for the VIP ticket.

These are just a few events from the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. For more information you can go the the KBF website. But you already knew that because you are clearly an intelligent and savvy individual.

Happy Father’s Day to all. I hope you get the Bourbon gifts you are looking for, but most of all I hope you enjoy the day and time with your children. God bless!

Kevin Rose

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