Cristina Vane: “Make Myself Me Again”

With a style that fully embraces the bluegrass of Appalachia and the blues of the Mississippi Delta, Cristina Vane has created an album that establishes her as one of the most interesting and talented young artists I’ve come across in awhile.

In “Make Myself Me Again” Vane takes a look at themes of identity, relationships and resilience through a refreshingly optimistic lens.  Each of the thirteen songs feels thoughtful and well crafted.  As we like to say on Bourbon Turntable, this album has “no skips”.  While much of the album flows between bluegrass, country and delta blues, one of my favorite songs on the album, Little Black Cloud, has a Stonesy “Exile on Main Street” vibe. 

Lyrically, Vane gives us a lot to enjoy.  There are many lines and verses that are very clever. 

In Sometimes Baby Vane delivers:

“Hard times, they will come and go

Your intentions will someday show

As sure as rain falls and wind does blow

You can’t get away from yourself”

And in Old Enough: “You’re easy on the eyes, but hard on the heart”

Of course, the title track has to offer some solid lyrics such as:

“Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win,

I’m gonna make myself me again

I’m giving up on giving in,

I’m gonna make myself me again

As much as I enjoy the lyrics of “Make Myself Me Again”, the debate as to the real star of this album is between Vane’s range and talent on guitar and her range and talent vocally.

Vane’s ability as a guitarist is on full display here.  She exhibits skill at a variety playing styles including some excellent slide guitar.  There is even some banjo in the mix, too.  Follow her on Instagram (@cristinavanemusic) where she posts frequent videos of impromptu performances and you’ll get a good idea of her talent as a young guitarist.

As unique and skilled as Vane is as a lyricist and a guitarist, it is her ability as a vocalist that vaults her to the level of a clear standout.  Her voice excels across the range from light & lilting to sultry & smoky with just enough grit to make sure the well-turned phrases of her lyrics stick in your musical soul.

Whatever Vane needs to draw on as a vocalist or a guitarist she has the talent and range to pull it off and the instincts to know what fits in the right moment of the right song.  While listening to “Make Myself Me Again”, it’s easy to get intoxicated by the talent of Cristina Vane.  But, in addition to being a display of her abilities as a singer-songwriter- guitarist, this album is simply a lot of fun to listen to.

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